Drawings I did this week during Zoom calls

Here are all the drawings I did this week. I didn’t do them all during zoom calls, only some of them (for legal purposes). Enjoy.

Drawing 17 faces in 20 minutes / My first drawing video

Hello everyone! This week I tried filming my first ever iPad drawing video using procreate. I have been trying to work on my ~perfectionism~ lately. So I challenged myself to see how many random faces I could draw in 20 minutes.

In my view, I failed because I kept worrying about how everything looked. I will keep working on this so that I can become a better designer and work more efficiently and effectively.

As a designer, I am always conflicted between trying to make things perfect and beautiful and trying to be innovative and get as many ideas as I can out and onto paper (or iPad) as I can. I want to try and make more drawing videos in the future, so if you enjoyed this, let me know down below!

I am so nervous to post this because the lighting kept changing and it’s hard to see what I am doing, but if I don’t post this now, I will probably keep thinking of reasons to never post a drawing video. Why put it off when you can just be satisfied with okay? You can’t improve and grow without giving it a good old crack.

I hope you are staying safe and staying healthy for both you and those around you. This year has been such a challenge for everyone, but I am so glad I was able to document it here and I look forward to continuing to do so in the new year!