Jo So Ko K-Drama Club – What to watch on Netflix (AU & KR)

So, you’ve heard through the Korean-grapevine that K-Dramas are all the rage. You want to get into some Korean shows or movies but you’re not quite sure where to start? Well, before you get K-razy and lose sleep to your fave Korean characters, let’s quickly discuss the terms and conditions of becoming a K-drama-watcher.

Rule #1

You can’t just “watch” a K-drama every now and then, go away, come back to it; dropping in and out as you please like its your neighbour’s lasagna night. This is less of a rule and more of a warning. K-dramas are so addictive, one simply cannot be half-heartedly committed. If you’ve succeeded otherwise, do share your tips.

Rule #2

The plot points, twists, unrequited relationships, political corruption, murder and every unrealistic aspect of a Korean drama is entirely exaggerated. People who watch K-dramas are very aware of this. If you find that you cannot be apart of the K-drama world, please do not criticise others for indulging in these fairytales. Don’t burst our K-bubbles.

Rule #3

That’s it! Now, let’s talk about where to begin. Also, I’m warning you that each time you see a character eating instant ramen, you too will want to eat instant ramen. Resist. It’s terrible for you.

Strong Woman Bong Soon

힘쎈여자 도봉순

Who is it for? Someone who appreciates a strong female lead even though because it’s a K-drama you know the strong female lead will ultimately be weakened by the love of her life, contradicting any superhuman strength she may have.

Why should I watch it? The characters are beautiful and hilarious with great chemistry. The kidnapping plot is really messed up and gives the lead character’s perfect romance a bit of balance. It can’t always be sunshine and mansions, we need a bit of a sinister hostage situation thrown in the mix to snap us back into the real world.

How long will it take me to watch? It will take over 16 hours to finish this one so buckle in and get your instant ramen ready!




비밀의 숲

Who is it for? Someone who loves waiting for 16 episodes to find out who is behind a string of murders. For those who are truly interested in South Korean government corruption (it’s exciting when it’s “fictitious”).

Why should I watch it? I mean, who am I to tell you what to watch. Figure this one out for yourself. It’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s also highly addictive.

How long will it take me to watch? This one is also about 16 hours long (most K-dramas have 16 episodes). You may want to eat udon and drink soju while you watch? Maybe that’s just me?



Hello, My Twenties


Who is it for? Anyone who loves Korean culture and is in the age range of 16 – 25. This show is about a group of girls at a Korean university just going through the motions of Korean life but there is a weird supernatural twist thrown in there that never really amounts to anything?? Also, one of the main characters changed at the beginning of Season 2 which is kind of odd.

Why should I watch it? Because you’re still reading this blog post which means you’re obviously trying to find the perfect K-drama to spend your weekend cosying up with.

How long will it take me to watch? This is a rare K-drama that has not 1, but 2 seasons. There are 12 episodes in season 1 and 14 episodes in season 2. At 60-65 minutes per episode, you can do the math on this one…



My Love from the Star

별에서 온 그대

Who is it for? Hopeless romantics who also have a side interest in extraterrestrial activity on Earth. This is an older drama but it’s one that you have to see if you want to consider yourself a K-drama lover. Not really, nobody cares, just live your life.

Why should I watch it? Okay, I think at this point, I’m a terrible TV reviewer and you should just try these shows for yourself. If you’re at all interested in Korean culture or the Korean language, you should consider watching some of these shows!

How long will it take me to watch? Because it has taken me so long to write and publish this blog post, I don’t think this show is available in Korea anymore on Netflix. It should take you the usual 16, 1-hour episodes amount of time to finish this bad boy.


Romance is a Bonus Book

로맨스는 별책부록

Who is it for? Book lovers, fashion lovers, Korean culture lovers, romance lovers and cheesy/predictable storylines.

Why should I watch it? For a PLETHORA of reasons, some of which include; because it’s adorable and you’ll feel like the characters are your own friends. While I personally thought this storyline was quite weak, I really loved the characters and the tone of the show. Also, this show has about 17,000 commercials embedded within it that are trying SO hard to look natural and relevant to the plot but they can often break up the flow of the story. I would love to see an edited version of the show that just tells a story without the unnecessary Subway and Samsung ads thrown in the middle.

How long will it take me to watch? Again, 16 episodes at 1 hour each will take you approximately all of your spare time to finish this one.


Bonus Round: Korean Movies

The Beauty Inside


Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds







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