So Long, KAIST + South Korea

Even though I have been in Japan for over a week and I left Daejeon 2 weeks ago, I’m still very sensitive about this whole “leaving Korea” nonsense. However, I was fortunate enough to be able to show my parents around KAIST in Daejeon. While I’m more sad about leaving the people than the dorm room I shared with 3 years worth of dust and hair, it was still hard to close my dorm room for the last time and not have to think about whether I remembered my card key or not. My mum being my mum made me stand in front of my bike and insisted on taking photos of everything from bird nests to street signs. I’m glad she did because now I think we have enough photos of KAIST to throw together a VR walking tour for future exchange students.

Goodbye, terrible bike I used 6 times and left unlocked outside W6 for any unfortunate thief to steal.

Goodbye, the adorable sign that makes no sense because why wouldn’t you want the cat to come in?

Goodbye, bike racks and all of my memories of running late to class

Goodbye, steps we used to get ramen at 1:30 am

Goodbye, birds nest I saw for the first time on my last day at KAIST. It’s the circle of life really.

Goodbye, window drawing I did in the summer and forgot about


  1. magnus says:

    Actually this is the second time I read this but it makes me feel just as dreary as it used to…

    1. Jo So Ko says:

      :'( :'( all good times must come to an end

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