Snow in Seoul / Gyeongbokgung + MMCA

DSC00178 2

Mama Quinn looking very cold and VERY excited to look at some Korean Palaces


This dude looks so sad. I hope they’re paying you right and giving you regular breaks my good sir. I’m sorry to post you looking like this on my blog but I’m really digging all of the action going on in the photo. Best wishes xx


Yah, there is a mountain under all of that fog. Pretty cool how you can’t see it.


So this was my first time being in snow thick enough to create snow life. I’ll be honest, I attempted to make a snowman before this and I got VERY frustrated that it was looking more like a snow pancake than a man and I kicked and stomped all over it in a fuss like a literal toddler. However, I calmed down, devised a strategy of attack and gave it another go. I can’t describe to you how happy building this snowman made me. Running around to collect the sticks and leaf eyes and rolling around in snow made me forget just how freezing cold it was outside. I hope my snow dude is coping and that…ah right he probably melted. I saw Frozen like 12…120 times. I know how science works. Ha.


Here we see snowmen who were built 12,000 years ago and have now fossilised into stone sculptures with their features perfectly intact.


We got over the novelty of the snow pretty quickly and took shelter in the Museum of Modern and Conte…Modern Museum of Contemp.. we took shelter in the MMCA and looked at a wall of Olympic posters and ate overpriced salads. What a perfect DAY!


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