KAIST in Autumn

Go back a few hundred photos ago to when I first posted about KAIST in the Summer!! Unlike my beloved home city Melbourne, Korea actually has seasons! It’s super obvious when the seasons change here and I finally understand why they use a Fall Semester / Spring Semester system here. If we had a “Summer Semester” and an “Autumn Semester” at RMIT, I’m pretty sure nobody would know when university begins and ends (seasons are super ambiguous in Australia).  Here are some photos from campus, I will be sure to take plenty more photos before I leave in a month (sob).

Oh HEY, it’s me! In a JUMPER?

FullSizeRender 2

Oh HEY! It’s Lucas! On a CHAIR?FullSizeRender

HEY, Tyler! In a FOREST?IMG_0783IMG_0796IMG_0830IMG_0838

HEY, Industrial Design building! Looking all lush and innovative in Autumn. IMG_0839IMG_0841

Hey LU! Your hair matches the leaves!IMG_0849

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