It’s my first time in Seoul and I’m already drunk


My trip to Seoul started on a high note when my camera decided to be on some kind of freaky dystopian setting (see pics below). Schlepping my bags from Hong Kong to Korea was more of a hazed nightmare than a ‘this is real life and I’m alive’ situation. Yo, cities of the world, get some escalators? Get a lift? Just one or two? By the time I’d reached the train station near my Seoul Airbnb I was about ready to just leave my suitcase on the train. I mean, I didn’t have much hope of carrying it up the stairs anyway? Surely I can just pick it up on my way home? Alas, I pushed on with a level of strength and resilience that I wasn’t aware I possessed and arrived at my adorable apartment in Dongdaemun. I’m currently in shock and have had several existential crises today. It’s always so fun to realise just how BAD your language skills are! Just look at all that room for improvement and learning! More Seoul snaps to come once I figure out how the heck to get anywhere. Peace



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