The Pre-Departure Post

img_0013-1Monday the 14th of August is the date I’ve been throwing into casual conversation a lot as of late. The date that I would fly to Hong Kong and begin my 6 month trip abroad in the hope that I would be challenged terribly and grow exponentially as a human being. Before I embark on this daunting experience, I wanted to write about my obsessive tendencies and introduce you to the organised chaos that is my brain. I’m not a spontaneous person, I mean, I’m writing this blog post well before I even do anything interesting… I’ve been packing for months, cleaning my clothes, editing my packing list, making sure that I have the perfect amount of clothing for each seasonal change I experience and ensuring that my skincare routine will not be disrupted throughout the trip. I will also be keeping a meticulous journal of every significant and insignificant thing that happens to me on this trip both digitally and paper-ly in an attempt to mark the exact moments that I felt I grew as a person and ultimately became the best version of myself. Don’t expect spontaneity on this blog, it will make it all the more exciting when something spontaneous does happen!!!! I hope to document my journey from Melbourne to Hong Kong to Seoul to Daejeon to Tokyo with photographs, illustrations and terrible English posts! Enjoy!

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